Quality Statements

Quality Statements by KBC® Kitchen & Bathroom Cabinets.

KBC® is known for delivery of first-class quality. The quality of the materials is normally better than the averaged standard which is used in industry. Examples are solid wood traverses or all polymer foiled fronts 22 mm thick. But also the internal coating of the carcass are stronger and more tough. Ultra-modern production facilities are made for production per commission and provide dimension accuracy and quality.

The KBC® kitchens have the GS-seal of quality from China,Europe and USA. for certified assurance. The “toxproof-certificate” stands for low-emissioned furniture of controlled production as well as the documentation that KBC kitchens do not cause any harmful substances in the air.

The chipboards go below the limit values of the emission-category E1. They correspond to the standard DIN68761 and DIN68765 (dangerous substance regulation and valid ETB-guideline).

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