Cleanup Convenience

Cleanup Convenience

Located just steps from the range on the opposite wall, an oversize farm-style sink offers generous depth for filling tall pots or flower vases. Glass-front cabinets extend to the ceiling to maximize storage and show off colorful dishware. The large window and French doors help the narrow kitchen feel more spacious while bringing the outdoors inside.

Your kitchen may not have the windows you want yet.  You can get help picking out the right windows from Roofs by Rodger.  Having the help of can expert can help you figure out which window will be best for your kitchen as well as where exactly it will go.  Trying to install a window by yourself also can be a lot of work and may end up being very hard.  But if you have help then it will be a lot easier and quicker to get the window up and ready to go.  Having new windows can really help open up your living space and make it feel much larger.

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